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Rideshare Drivers Don’t Fall Into the Gap

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Rideshare Drivers Don’t Fall Into the Gap

TNC Drivers Get the Coverage You Need!

If you drive for a Rideshare Company such as Uber, Lyft, Fasten or Safr there is a gap in insurance coverage that exists for “Period 1” – the time beginning when a driver turns on their TNC app until the time they accept a fare.

Plymouth Rock offers a TNC Auto Coverage Endorsement that ensures that the driver will continue to have the same coverage during Period 1, that they have when they’re not using their vehicle to provide TNC services.

Did You Know?

-Most personal auto policies don’t provide coverage during Period 1
-Coverage supplied by most TNC’s is insufficient for liability, personal injury and damages if the driver is in an accident during this timeframe
-TNC Drivers are required by Massachusetts state law to disclose to their insurance providers, if they’re using an insured vehicle to provide TNC services

The cost to add the endorsement to your policy is 7% of the premium for the vehicle being used for TNC or roughly $7 per month for the average annual premium.

For a free quote, visit our Rideshare website by clicking here.
for more information on insurance for Rideshare drivers or how to add the Plymouth Rock endorsement to your existing policy, contact Dan Wheeler.

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