USAA Approved for Rideshare Gap Insurance In Massachusetts

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) will offer rideshare gap protection insurance to its members beginning November 21, 2015. This is the first policy approved in Massachusetts that is designed specifically to protect people who drive for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs). The policy is intended to fill the coverage gap that exists when a driver’s TNC app is turned on and they are waiting to accept a ride. This is commonly referred to as Period 1.
Although this insurance product is only for USAA members, it is an important step forward for TNC insurance in Massachusetts. In a press release, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said “as we work to develop a regulatory framework to support innovative ride-sharing companies, it’s crucial that appropriate coverage is available to protect drivers, passengers and the traveling public. With the first endorsement of its type taking effect for TNC drivers, we welcome others to participate in supporting consumer safety and choice in Massachusetts’ diverse transportation network.” Expectantly other insurers will follow USAA’s lead and submit applications to provide gap coverage for rideshare drivers.
If you don’t have access to USAA in Massachusetts, the best solution is to purchase a Commercial Auto policy that will cover you when driving for a TNC. For more information on Commercial Auto policies or insurance information for Rideshare Drivers, contact Dan Wheeler at or call 1.844.501.1358

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