view next to car on night heighway, motion blur pink and blue lights

Let’s be honest

Today, Massachusetts rideshare drivers, Uber, Lyft, Fasten, Safr, do not have great
insurance coverage options, but they’re getting better!

What’s the issue?

As a Rideshare driver, you are most likely WITHOUT insurance coverage while your App is on and you are waiting for a paying customer, commonly referred to as “Period 1.” There are limitations to your employers’ coverage and your Massachusetts Auto policy.


One of our great companies, Plymouth Rock, offers a TNC Auto Coverage Endorsement that ensures drivers will have the same coverage during Period 1, that they have when they’re not using their vehicle to provide TNC services.
The cost to add the endorsement to your policy is 7% of the premium for the vehicle being used for TNC or roughly $7 per month for the average annual premium.

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